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Creating an image that objectify the most beautiful moment, the memory that represents time and feeling, it is something unique and special. That is why engraved Wooden watches are so special and represent everything you don’t want to forget.

In order to get the best out of our products, we want to explain all the possibilities available when it comes to capturing a special image on one of our watches. We want you to understand how the system works, which are the most suitable images when it comes to engraving, and what problems can arise if you don’t choose the right image for your design.

Apart from that, wood-cutting a photo, requires a series of characteristics that you will see below.

The perfect choice to engrave

The size of the piece is the main element when engraving a special design. The dimensions of some watches are not compatible with some of the designs, which can be difficult to engrave. From our experience, some watches have the best characteristics to be engraved. We want you to know that this is just an advice on what watches we consider to be the best to be engraved. Nevertheless, all our watches can be engraved with the right motifs.

Among all our Woodenson watches, there are 3 that, because of their features, stand out from the rest. Their design, regarding their interior watch face, is clean and with no embellishments that may interfere with the design. That is what makes them more suitable to capture your creativity and emotions. In other models, the color of the wood or the decoration that it already has by default, can make the engraving difficult (although it is also possible to do it).

How do we do it? Engraving and without colour

Engraving on wood is not the same as printing on paper. We use a technique similar to the one known as woodcut, in other words, a kind of intaglio, which gives the final outcome some relief. For that reason, in our watches we don’t use colour. The colors you can see are the natural ones that come out when the wood goes through this marvelous process. Since we work with natural wood, each piece of it, each watch, leaves a different and unique tone. For us, this point is important and has to do with our work philosophy and with our way of seeing life: the purity on the watch without the need to use any paint or form of printing.

We do the work with care and dedication

A picture will not look the same on all of our watches. For example, in models which interior is light bamboo wood, such as Deva or Cockney (among others), it may look good because the wood hasn’t to be that drilled and makes it possible to have a bigger level of detail, but in other models in which we must drill the wood to the bottom so that the image can be seen (like the models with the dark interior sphere like Hope & Go, Kumasi, Kish, Kuknot, Arashiyama …), it doesn’t look that good since they have to be simpler drawings to get a satisfactory result.

We want you to understand how the process works, we don’t print a photo on a sticker and put  it inside the watch. We engrave directly on the wood, so if you want to have a photo, it has to meet some requirements for the final product to look good.

Remember that having a photo on a watch may not be the best option depending on the one you choose, mainly because the surface is small and the details are not appreciated. There are many other things that can give a special significance to your watch (a phrase, a song, a drawing …). You can find design ideas in our website and, in addition, our design team will be happy to advise you according to what you are looking for, so you can come up with the perfect customization.

What watches with photo we can do

In Woodenson there is the possibility of engraving different types of photographs. We are going to specify them on this list so you have it clear before sending it and the result ends being the expected one. We want you to have the best shopping experience possible.

Silhouette photos

If you send a photo of a silhouette, like the one below, it’ll remain the same as when you send it. You should keep on mind that the size of the dial is quite small and the image may become too small. If you want it to be correctly engraved, you should send a good quality image, with a well-defined silhouette and no stains, with the right and necessary details so the outcome is perfect. If you want to sketch the photo you can do it now, enter and check how to do it.

Photos with 2 inks

A two-color photograph is made up entirely with two colors. It does not matter if the photograph contains other colours than black and white, it’ll be valid as long as it has two colors. To make your life easier, you can change the image to 2 colors if you click here. Be consistent, if your image does not retain the shape you were looking for, do not choose it and pick another one. If the contours aren’t recognisable, there’s nothing we can do at Woodenson to engrave it on a Woodenson wooden watch.

Silhouettes of people and animals

It is possible to engrave the photo of a person or an animal inside the dial. In order to achieve the best result possible, please send us an image similar to the one you can see below.

The ideal images for this type of engraving are the ones with no elements that may interfere with the main silhouette you want us to engrave. It is convenient to get rid of decorative elements that don’t contribute to the image, such as stones, leaves, kytes, etc.

What watches with photo we can not do

Unfortunately, there is a series of images that present too many problems to be engraved. Whether due to a lighting problem, low quality, the characteristics of the image, the elements that appear on it, and so on.

We want to explain here why some images are impossible to make, so that you have it clear from the beginning and don’t waste your time…

Photos with dark background

They look bad because laser doesn’t have the necessary precision to differentiate the figures from the background. Nocturnal photos are especially complicated. It is preferable to choose an image where the element we want to engrave on the watch is correctly distinguished. It must have a light that favors the visualization of the main components.

Photos with many people

These kind of photos are a real problem. Remember that the space available doesn’t exceed 30 mm. An image with many details will complicate the process and it’ll be difficult to achieve the desired result.


Low quality photos

It is very important that the quality in the photograph is the best possible. If a photo has a poor quality, it won’t show properly when printed. The process is more complex than a simple print, so the image will often be almost unrecognizable.

Photos of photographs

It isn’t possible to capture on wood a photo taken with an analogical camera, no matter how good this may be. It won’t have the necessary details to work with it.

Photos modified by applications as cartoonizate

It may be thought that the “Black and white” format is the same as the “2 inks” format, but the comparison is not correct. The black and white images are created from gray scales.

Grayscale – Black and white format

It’s thought that “Black and white” photos are just the same as “2 inks” photos, but this is incorrect. Black and white images are created from gray scales. This can become a problem. It will be difficult to capture the image if there isn’t a great difference in hue between the different elements of the image.

Photos modified by applications such as Cartoonizate

These applications distort the photograph and, therefore, it loses quality so it’s more difficult to work with it

I want to see wooden watches now!

Our watches are a special gift and, why not say it, they have a very elegant, sober and original presence. A wooden watch is a unique gift. They are a very light element that gives an original and differential touch. If you are planning on make and original gift, this can be the definitive guide.



We usually end up exhausted when trying to find the perfect gift. And there si nothing worse than feeling bad about it because it’s a gift for someone important. And we always end up in the basics: ties, shirts, cologne or handmade cards. It is not easy to find a good gift for men. But with a personalized wristwatch you’ll succeed.

This article is written for you, the girl who writes us saying: “I need original gift ideas for a special boy”. We want to help you with a different, original, unique and special idea. A gift you feel happy with, that makes you thing is THE gift. It won’t matter what you are looking for, because we have the solution.

If you are looking for a gift for your partner, for a friend or a family member, search in our article “Ideas for weddings”. You’ll be surprised.

First of all, let’s start by having a look at the wooden wristwatches. Then, we’ll look at many other interesting things.

We have sorted the watches in three groups, although it’s best to take a look at all of them and see what meets your requirements. The wrist wooden watch is a whole world.



Among these, gifts for teachers who are going to retire are quite common. We can personalize any of our watches so they make an unforgettable gift. We usually recommend high-end watches with a higher quality than usual wooden box. The Arashiyama, Twiny or Takeyume models are perfect for these occasions. We can write the name of the students or a special dedication. If you want more ideas on retirement gifts, please check this article out, written on this particular matter.

In case you are wondering: to fit all the names of the students is somewhat difficult, but we usually achieved it.

If these ideas still don’t convince you, there are many more possibilities to find the perfect retirement gift, since we don’t sell only watches but all kind of original and personalized gifts.



You’re running out of time. You haven’t thought of anything for your mum on this special day, ,but you’d like to give her something different and special, just as she is. And maybe prove your the good son you claim to be. If you are looking for unique and original gifts for your mother, Woodenson is the place. Surely one of our cult objects can be the perfect gift for your mother. What do you think of these? Visit our post about “ideas to give to a mother” to find lots of ideas.


As Miki Nadal said on one of his monologues, you have to stop giving and receiving shits, let’s cut the chain of nonsense gifts. In Woodenson we are totally in favour.

You have to make a gift to that person. That brother-in-law you barely know, the creepy sister-in-law, the friend of your girlfriend, the mother of your wife, etc. Do we understand each other? You’ll hit the target with our wooden accesories. You’ll see how he loves it! He’ll even be surprised that something like that existed.

At Woodenson we are convinced that wood and technology should maintain a constant dialogue about beauty. We lend you the phrase to say it while you give some of these wonderful objects.


Hipsters are already an urban tribe that little by little has been taking over the streets of Spanish cities. They stand out for their plaid shirts, their acetate glasses, their beards and their vintage motorcycles. From now on, they’ll also jump out with a Woodenson wooden watch on their wrist.

However, we have to make clear that this gift isn’t only for them, but for many more people who find delight in wearing this kind of organic and subtle watch, a declaration of intent, conveying many inherent values ​​linked to the person that wears it.

Lumbersexual men have also got onboard this trend bandwagon. If you’re not familiar with that word and sounds like Chinese for you, check it out on the internet.


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